3 Reasons Why Quitting Is Good For Your Personal Brand

12 May, 2014

Quitting is good for your personal brand

There’s something cathartic about quitting.

Like that situation where your client found fault with your work, ignored your recommendation and landed up losing money on the deal. The client went on to blame you for their poor decision and then, after weeks of only four hours of sleep per night trying to help them rectify something you advised against in the first place, refused to pay your fee.

Infuriating at the time, (seriously, you will never allow yourself to be compromised like that again), when you look back at what you learnt from that experience, it was invaluable. The choice to quit this client, and others like them is probably one of the most liberating and empowering decisions available to you.

So why do you soldier on with that uncomfortable job, no-trust relationship, or boring book? Why don’t you just quit and feel the euphoria that comes from doing something every cell in your body has been begging for? Because:

1.     You’re going to be judged on your original decision

2.     You’ve already invested huge amounts of time, money and effort in this thing.

So. What.

Here’s the thing: if you really, truly and honestly want to show up in the world as yourself, and not pretend to be someone else, then quitting what you’re not is essential. Let me say it like this: if you need to be anyone else other than who you truly are in order to maintain the job, or the relationship, or finish the damn book, then you’re better off getting out right now.

Here are 3 reasons why quitting is good for you:

1.     It opens up your heart. Doing something that is inauthentically you makes you fearful and disconnects you from yourself. On the other hand, when you engage with things that are authentic to you, not only does it speak loudly and clearly about who you really are, but you align with your true essence.

2.     It boosts your confidence. It takes guts to act on feelings of discomfort and disillusion. Let’s face it; it’s far easier to do nothing than take what could be a drastic step. But when you believe in yourself enough, and trust yourself enough, and are courageous enough, the reward of increased power and confidence are simply there for the taking.

3.     It’s healthier. Research shows that if you drive yourself in vain to do something or be someone that you know is not right for you, you get sick. Symptoms include depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Enough said.

Okay, you get the point; you’re ready to trade one dream for an even bigger one. Now how do you do it with grace? Be upfront and honourable about it. Quit without shame or self-recrimination. Do it clearly, consciously and kindly and you will keep your dignity intact.

This post was inspired by personal branding client Maria Phalime – the doctor who walked away.

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