“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

– Steve Jobs

Robyn Young - Personal Leadership Branding for Executives


What I Offer

Personal leadership branding for
Executives, Managers and Teams.


Leadership Brand Coaching & Support

Serve at a higher level. Make a meaningful contribution to the world with an extra mind and pair of hands to help you get there.


Leveraging your Personal Brand to get Promoted

A 7-step program to boost your promotional readiness, identifying strengths and strategies to influence. In person or online.



Become aware of your personal potential, enrich your relationships and manage the
“moments that matter.”


Your Personal Leadership Brand Creates Impact

Profits are only part of making an impact. Purpose and motivation are another. For any successful venture, your stakeholders need to understand your ethics and your motivation, and be inspired by it.

Personal leadership branding

  • Builds trust. It helps humanise the company, with you as one of its most influential ambassadors.
  • Attracts talent. It feeds into how you attract, motivate and retain staff.
  • Differentiates the company. Your reasons for doing what you do can set you apart.
  • Attracts investors. A strong personal brand inspires confidence and gives you credibility.
  • Creates legacy. A goal to aspire to and a purpose to live into.

“I have learned so much through working with Robyn, as much because of her insight and clarity as her strategic ability and professionalism.”

Michelle Joubert

Head: Investor Relations JSE, Johannesburg

Executives how it works

One on one conversations in person or online, where we

  • Outline where you want to go and what drives you there.
  • Map out your strengths, skills and the stakeholders critical to the journey.
  • Align your priorities with your stakeholders’ so that you can achieve your goals by helping them achieve theirs.
  • Consider your thinking and communication style, your EQ and PQ (physical intelligence), and how to optimise them.
  • Get insights into your reputation and manage any diffusers.
  • Consider your impact in the world and where you’re called to make a difference, aligning your thoughts and actions with this.


Client Reviews

My personal branding and business clients include organisations and
individuals within Anglo American, Citadel, DHL, Ecobank, Exxarro, JSE,
KFC, Motus Motors, Old Mutual, UCT, Unisa, and more.



Get noticed. Get promoted. Get paid your worth.

Keeping your head down and being good at your job isn’t enough to guarantee your next promotion. You need to find your special something that differentiates you from the rest. You need to know who you are, and how to use it to make a relevant contribution to your organisation, ensuring you get rewarded for the work you love and do best.

Using your personal brand to get promoted:

  • Builds self-awareness. It gives you insights on your personal strengths, behaviours and reputation.
  • Boosts confidence. You understand how to leverage your personal brand strengths and present yourself to stakeholders
  • Maps your career path. You learn hidden promotion criteria, and strategies to show potential for the next level.
  • Attracts opportunities. You attract roles that are right for you, and have the insights to make on-brand decisions.
  • Creates legacy. You’ll have clarity on the goals to aspire to and your unique purpose to live into.

My core driver is to help you reach your potential.

“Robyn is always incredibly well prepared, and her process is thorough but never onerous. She asks questions that prompt you to think differently – and as a result she accesses insights that might not otherwise come to light, helping you to understand your OWN business and its potential better.”

Liz Dewing

Project Manager, UK

Managers how it works

One-on-one personal conversations, or a 7-module online program, on how to use your personal brand to get promoted.

While the goal is lofty, the process is practical. We get stuck into a simple, seven step framework to identify your professional goals, your strengths and skillset, your reputation, stakeholders, and the optimal positioning and promotion plan for your leadership brand. More specifically, you will:

  • Get insights on what makes you, you.
  • Understand your brand assets, liabilities and potential blind spots.
  • Understand what differentiates you, and how others see you (your reputation).
  • Get clarity on how to truly be of service to your organisation.
  • Plot your promotion process timeline and milestones.
  • Identify the formal, informal and hidden promotion criteria.
  • Learn how to look, act and sound like an executive.
  • Identify the stakeholders you need to influence.
  • Select strategies to show your potential for the next level.
  • Increase your personal job satisfaction.
  • Become a better leader.
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How to find what makes you exceptional, and bring that to your work, every day.

As an international award-winning speaker, I’m on a mission to inspire people to be the best they can be. My presentations challenge you to find what makes you exceptional, and how to bring that to your work – regardless of who you are, what you do, where you live, how you like to work, what your company culture is, and how much personal leverage you have based on the perceived value you deliver to your company.

I wasn’t ready for how much I liked your straight but reassuring style. I quickly put my cynical “I know this stuff” attitude aside and realised I needed to hear what you had to say and I needed to do the work.


Brand Specialist, Johannesburg

Masterclass how it works

One to three-hour in-person or online workshops to help you build and maximise your personal brand in a hybrid workplace.


  • A true understanding of your authentic self and the value you offer to those around you.
  • Increased physical and emotional intelligence, to positively impact your executive presence
  • A more professional online presence
  • Increased confidence in how to prepare and present in meetings and sales presentations
  • Tools to remain relevant while navigating this new working environment and overcome proximity bias when you work from home
  • How to put your best foot forward and communicate your personal brand in a way that’s clear and inspiring.

Perfect for:

Organisations and teams who want to avoid the out-of-sight-out-of-mind (or worse – in-sight-unprofessionalism) negative impact that a flexible workplace culture can have on their reputation and career. Especially relevant for those who want to positively influence teams and colleagues and effectively persuade clients, so that they can build relationships, sell ideas, and move ahead.

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