5 Things I’m Really Bad At

18 February, 2015

Straight Legs

  1. I really suck at boiling eggs. They’re either too hard – so when you try and dip the toast into the egg it buckles clumsily against the yolk – or the egg’s too soft and makes everything soggy. Ugh.
  2. Taking pills. I think it’s because I’m lazy. I mean, if I’m ill I know why I need to take them, but it’s so much easier not to.
  3. Putting on makeup. For my wedding I went to the makeup counter and asked the assistant to recommend a foundation to go with the mascara and lip-balm I was planning to wear. She told me to come back when I had a little more confidence. LOL!
  4. Going to bed. With all the best intentions, I find it almost impossible not to open my laptop every night and sit there for hours, sometimes productively, sometimes not. Every morning I vow to change this.
  5. Walking with straight legs. It used to drive my drummajorette instructor crazy, me marching around the field, never fully extending my legs. I still do that. Walk with bent legs I mean, not march around a field.

How about you?

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