Personal Brands We Love: Abigail K

3 February, 2014

February is the month of love and to celebrate we’re showcasing a series of personal brands we love. We’ve nominated these special people because their brands exude 3 things:

  1. Authenticity.  Without a doubt, these people are who they say they are. Wacky, witty or wired, there’s not a wuss among them. If the best strategy for personal and business development is knowing who you are and how to express it, then these guys work their quirks.
  2. Clarity. No multiple messages here. Simple, single-minded and razor-sharp, their brand messages are tight and to the point. Fluffy ducks swim in a different pond.
  3. Outreach. The personal brands we love understand the term ‘selectively famous.’ They know who’s important to them and are discerning in their brand building efforts. They don’t waste time on trying to influence the masses but focus their efforts on those with impact.

Today’s spotlight is on the über friendly and fabulous Abigail of Abigail K Photography

Abigail-KSmart, creative and funny, Abigail grew up with a camera in her hand and a lens in her face. No stranger to the both sides of the camera, (she’s a self-confessed selfie shooter), Abigail uses her magic to coax even the most reluctant subjects into femme fatales. She has an insatiable appetite for animal welfare, Romany Creams and Creative Live. These three habits positively influence her work (what would creativity be without a box of biscuits at hand?) and in a short space of time have brought her to the forefront of her field. In the world of photography where public image is so carefully crafted, Abigail disarmingly bucks the trend. She has no illusions of grandeur, no artificial persona, no pretences and no hidden agendas. What you get when you meet Abigail is her true, colourful and offbeat self. Refreshing, delightful and damn good.

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Robyn Young - Personal Leadership Branding for Executives

About the Author

Robyn Young

As a personal leadership branding strategist, Robyn Young helps individuals identify and articulate their unique strengths, values and goals, empowering them to build an authentic personal brand that resonates with their stakeholders.

Robyn has a keen eye for aligning personal attributes with professional aspirations, helping her clients project a powerful and compelling image in their chosen field.