Personal Brands We Love: Kate Moodley

19 November, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 9.46.55 PMI’d heard a lot about Kate before I met her. Petite, charming, ladylike, were words used to describe this woman with a passion for personal branding. But what popped into my mind within moments of our first greeting were: warm, articulate, astute and generous.

Giving up more than an hour of her time – for a complete stranger with a vested interest in personal branding – was just the start. Kate shared her knowledge and tips on how I personally could take my career forward. Wow. A real gem.

As a franchise owner for Discovery, Kate’s take on personal branding is simple: present yourself well, be unique and back it up with competence.

Kate uses Lady Gaga as an example. This multi award-winning performer is unique and outrageous, but she’s also brilliant, giving her a super-powerful personal brand. And while Kate doesn’t encourage her team to wear meat, she does insist on them being well dressed (ladies, heels please) with a respectable notepad and good pen. “You simply can’t sell a great brand without looking the part.”

More of Kate’s tips:

  • Be authentic. It’s who you are as a person that makes you marketable.
  • Raise your profile and find others you can help.
  • Don’t knock the competition. Recognise another brand’s strength, and be confident of your own.
  • Lead by example. Don’t expect your team to be at the office early, or late, if you’re not.
  • Plan your career. Be clear on your career objectives and what’s going to get you to where you want to go.

We ended our meeting with a promise to connect when we’re next in the same city. I’m looking forward to it. And in the meanwhile, I’m going to invest in a respectable notepad. And a good pen.


Robyn Young - Personal Leadership Branding for Executives

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Robyn Young

As a personal leadership branding strategist, Robyn Young helps individuals identify and articulate their unique strengths, values and goals, empowering them to build an authentic personal brand that resonates with their stakeholders.

Robyn has a keen eye for aligning personal attributes with professional aspirations, helping her clients project a powerful and compelling image in their chosen field.