Want to Grow your Business? Grow Yourself.

4 August, 2014

Growing yourselfHave you ever had this experience: someone says something and your world just stops, because you know that it’s one of the most important things you’ve ever heard, but you’re not really sure why? Or exactly how it helps?

I’ve just spent the best part of an hour listening to Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley and for me the single biggest takeout of his talk was this:

“If you want to succeed in business, put away the marketing books and study spirituality.”

Instantly I was reminded of a comment a client made yesterday when she said that the success of her work as a business performance coach doesn’t come from giving business advice, but from helping people grow as individuals. Once they do that, their businesses automatically grow.


Because when you get to know yourself better, you appreciate your own value. When you have appreciation for your value, you become more grateful. When you are grateful, you attract more of the same towards you, and when you do that, you start to trust yourself and your confidence grows.

When you are confident, you are happy and are more able to visualise your future. And when you have both happiness in the now, and a vision for where you want to be, you will be successful.

Ping! #thepennydrops

You’d be right in thinking that I’ve been saying similar stuff for a while, so why now has the penny suddenly dropped? I mean really dropped?

Because I’ve experienced it first hand. I’ve seen the personal shift that comes from doing inner work and the resulting courage to be who I really am and say what I really mean. Even if others don’t like it.

When you know yourself, you know who you best like to work with, what projects you best like to work on, and how much money you’d like to make from them.

Here’s thing 1: money loves clarity.

And here’s thing 2: you will never be successful if you don’t have clarity.

So I encourage you, no, I urge you to do the inner work. Read books, attend seminars, watch TED talks, hire a good coach. Build your positive stamina. And visualise your best future.

Grow yourself and watch your business do the same. Exponentially.

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