What To Do When You Just Want To Stay In Bed

8 October, 2014

Pajama DayFirst thing to know is that you’re not alone. We all have those days. I’m having one today – I call it a pajama day. Except I’m not in pajamas, I’m in a tracksuit – which a late friend used to call a trapsuit, because he quite correctly said that once you get into one you don’t want to get out.

It’s my opinion that pajama days are a very necessary part of life. Here’s why:

  1. You deserve it
  2. You need it
  3. You’ll be better because of it.


If you’re looking for more substantive reasoning, try this:

Have you noticed that if you push yourself through too many hours or days of work your body starts to push back? You feel tired, cranky, anxious and even vaguely depressed? Clearly if this is happening to you, spending more hours behind your desk will not equal better work. It will equal more mistakes, fewer ideas, reduced productivity and lower tolerance levels *beware the poor soul who gets in your way*.

I know it’s not easy to turn everything off and head back for bed, or worse, wake up and stay in bed. We’re so conditioned to be on the go 24/7 that we think the world will fall apart if we put the day in park. Well it won’t. And I bet you know that.

The experts say that the most productive thing we can do for ourselves is do nothing at all. They suggest we find one day a week to do this nothing. Yip, every week. People who do it say they get more organised in preparing for their day of rest – you actually get more done on the 6 days you’re working. Some people go so far as to say it’s the best thing they’ve done for their marriage, their family, and their clients.

So, close your eyes, take a deep breath and stay in bed. Know that you deserve to take the time to recharge your spirit and your energy. And when you come back, you’ll feel more rested, more alive, and ready to do the work you’re most proud of.

Go you super-hero-in-pajamas you! Go!

Robyn Young - Personal Leadership Branding for Executives

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Robyn Young

As a personal leadership branding strategist, Robyn Young helps individuals identify and articulate their unique strengths, values and goals, empowering them to build an authentic personal brand that resonates with their stakeholders.

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