What’s YOUR issue? You know you have one…

21 May, 2019

Having coffee with a friend the other day I remarked on another friend’s political rant, my cousin’s sensitivity to gender stereotyping, a teacher’s vehement feminism, a girlfriend’s self-proclaimed fatism and the corporate world’s ageism.

“I’m not an activist,” I said. “I don’t have things I get riled up about,” I said.

“Oh?” the raised eyebrow said. “What about plastic straws? Plastic in general? Recycling? Chemical detergents? Saving water? Nixing preservatives? Food waste? GM food? Mould on coffee beans? Noise pollution?…”

Okay, okay.

What I realised was – and this is true for you too –

We all have issues. Things we care about. Things we believe in. Will talk about. Share with others.

For my husband, it’s wild animals, or more specifically endangered wild animals. It’s an unassuming but integral part of his being. He doesn’t prosthelytise, just gets on with telling investigative stories of nature in distress.

Bruce’s latest documentary, Eye of The Pangolin, launched last Friday on World Endangered Species day. It’s about the very cute but relatively unknown most trafficked mammal on earth – more than rhino, elephant and tiger put together. Unbelievable. Yet most people don’t know what a pangolin even is.

So I’m sharing this film here with you here, now. It’s free.

The filmmakers chose to fund the making of the film with the help of private investors rather than sell it to broadcasters, so they could put it up online for free, and encourage anyone with an internet connection to watch it; in the hope that if people know what pangolins are, they’ll care too.

You’ll be my favourite person if you share the love.


Now you: what’s YOUR issue? How can we help you #spreadthelove?

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