13 Ridiculously Nice Things To Say To Someone

27 October, 2015

Josh Felise

My husband does this thing. When we’re finished training at the gym and before heading off for our respective showers, he says, “Take your time. I’m not in a rush.”

In that moment, it’s the nicest thing anyone can say.

In that moment, he has given me freedom, he has empowered me, he has put my needle back in the center. A gift.

This got me thinking about the nicest thing I could say to other people, and I came up with this list. Please add your list to the comments so that we can all walk around saying nice things to each other.

Here it is.

“Supper was delicious. As always.”

“I took your suggestion.”

“Tell me more.”

“I’m so appreciative of your support.”

“You’re welcome.” (Not ‘no problem’)

“That looks really good on you.”

“I’m impressed by the way you handled that.”

“Thank you for moving mini-mountains to be here.”

“I’m always so happy to see you.”

“That sounds awful.”

“So-and-so said such a lovely things about you.”

“I’m sorry.”

And another favourite:

“I admire how you’re raising your children.”

That’s it. No more. I’m working on a big event that culminates on Saturday, and when there’s a big event ahead of me I go into this “I can’t do anything until it’s over” cone of uselessness.

Don’t forget to leave your ‘nice things to say’ list in the comments.

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