Income Generating Advice Your Clients Wish You Knew (in under 120 words)

26 March, 2014

Income generating advice


I used to be a client, so I know what they want. And if you would like to earn more from the people you already serve, here are 5 sure-fire ways to do it:



  1. Turn pro. Show up, bring ideas, exceed expectations.
  2. Solve their problem. It’s about them, not you.
  3. Invest your own time. Don’t bill for everything.
  4. Support your client. They want to know you’re on their side.
  5. Be young and hungry. No matter what your age or turnover.

To misquote Eric Pratt: The more initiative you show, the more you produce, the more value you have, the more opportunities you create and the more money you make.


Robyn Young - Personal Leadership Branding for Executives

About the Author

Robyn Young

As a personal leadership branding strategist, Robyn Young helps individuals identify and articulate their unique strengths, values and goals, empowering them to build an authentic personal brand that resonates with their stakeholders.

Robyn has a keen eye for aligning personal attributes with professional aspirations, helping her clients project a powerful and compelling image in their chosen field.