7 Tips to Properly Introduce People Over Email

11 November, 2015

William Iven

Have you ever had to introduce people over email?

It can be pretty awkward.

Do you greet them both, or connect with first one and then the other? What do you say in the subject line?

What do you say that is etiquette correct and so inspiring for the people reading it that they’re tripping over their keyboards to get acquainted. It’s a minefield.

As someone who introduces people quite a lot, I figured I’d better find out how to do it right.

Here’s what I learned.

Be clear on the goal

If the introduction is only going to benefit one party, don’t make it. Both sides should be enthusiastic about the introduction and thankful to you for it.

Ask for permission

Before you make assumptions about the parties’ value to each other, ask them privately if they’d like to meet. Give context about why you think it would be valuable for them to connect.

Appeal to their ego

Putting both people’s names in the subject line will guarantee it gets opened. “John, meet Abigail. Abigail, meet John.” [* aside: always put the most important person read: client’s name first*]

Introduce one at a time

Address the main person for the introduction first. In this case it’s John. Sum up your recent interaction with him and tell John why you want make this introduction. “John, we met at Dave’s dinner party. You mentioned you’re getting married soon and don’t yet have a wedding photographer. Allow me to introduce you to Abigail.”

Brag them up

Give a quick sentence on what the second person does and then describe them (in this case Abigail) in the most flattering way you can while still being truthful.

Repeat the other way around

Now it’s time to address the second person in the same way. Sum up your recent interaction with them and tell them why you want to make the introduction. “Abigail, it was great catching up with you at the Bridal Fair. Congratulations on your recent profile in Bride and Co magazine. I know you only work with clients whose number one goal is to have fun at their wedding, and so I’d like to introduce you to John.” And then brag John up too.

Tell them to make the next step

You can end with something like “ I hope this introduction will lead to good conversation between you” or simply “I’ll let you two take it from here.”

I like to sign off with “With respect to you both”, but your usual sign off should work just as well.

Do you agree with everything I’ve said? What tips do you have for properly introducing people over email? Tell us in the comments.

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