Being Cooked With Clara

1 September, 2016

“Clara Sophie Charlotte Bubenzer is my full name. Want one?” That’s what she asked in the car park while packing up from our last shoot. With her head in the boot, blonde hair refusing to be restrained by all manner of hairspray and those iconic black-rimmed glasses, Clara gives me a quizzical look. She’s not joking.

No I don’t want one, but I do want a little of what she’s got. Gutsy, German-born South African with a love of people, food and bunny videos, Clara has something special.

And it’s that something we hope to capture in a new cooking show Cooked With Clara. Clara takes everyday food and makes it amazing. You’ll enjoy it if the kitchen is fairly un-navigated territory for you, or if you just want to kick up your cooking a notch.

A trained chef with a string of credentials, Clara’s not scared to share insider secrets and doesn’t fuss too much with her food. From the recipes Clara chooses to showcase, to the conversation in the kitchen while cooking, to the plating and shooting of the dish – it’s honest cooking, made simple. And undeniably delicious.

Want a little more? Here’s Clara’s version of Toasted Chicken Mayo

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I’m posting about Cooked With Clara, it’s a passion project with my husband Bruce (director, on my left), Josh (videographer and editor) and of course, Clara. Not pictured but a huge part of the project are Robert (ideas man and investor), Simon (web), Justin (social) and Dave (editor).

Team Cooked














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